AQUAMAKE SYSTEM Product Overview

AQUAMAKE SYSTEM Product Overview S-TYPE Oyster shells: Ideal for sewage water purification
  1. Helps preserve the environment

    Aquamake provides high-level treatment of sewage water from toilets, turning it into recycled water. Aquamake eliminates excess water discharge, so reduces eutrophication in public bodies of water, helping preserve the environment.

  2. Enormous water savings

    Water treated by Aquamake can be used to flush toilets, and for applications such as sprinklers and landscaping, saving an enormous amount of water.

  3. Can be installed anywhere

    Aquamake enables flush toilets to be installed even in locations without a water source, or with nowhere to discharge water.

  4. Simple maintenance

    When a system problem occurs, an alarm is sent automatically, enabling an immediate response. Maintenance is simple and low-cost.

A type without an automatic alarm transmitter or excess water storage tank is also available.
Ozone generator and Sand filter device are available.
AQUAMAKE SYSTEM Product Information
No water source / water supply? →

Aquamake solves all these problems!

Aquamake is a revolutionary system for creating
flush toilets using recycled wastewater.

The advantages are clear!

  • No wastewater discharges mean the system is exempt from
    Private Sewerage System Law Restrictions.
  • Does not need water supply or source.
  • Units can be installed regardless of locational conditions.
  • No water or periodic inspection costs are incurred.
  • Practically maintenance-free.
  • No wastewater discharge, therefore,
    no sewage construction is required.
  • Choose from aboveground or belowground models.
  • Custom-built units also available for special scale requirements.
  • Can also be used during disasters.

Eiwa technology is also receiving acclaim overseas.

Unique Technology that Does Not Discharge Wastewater. Certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.
AQUAMAKE SYSTEM Installation examples
Toilet at Arashizaka pocket park

Toilet at Arashizaka pocket park

A rest area by a nationl highway. Tourists,pilgrims. and also the people of the district use it comfortably.

Installation overview
Gymnasium at Chikugo Iarge regional park

Gymnasium at Chikugo Iarge regional park

Facility used at international meet.This is the disaster prevention facility which can use flush toilets even at the time of a disaster.

Installation overview
Life Support Yurin (A home for senior citizens)

Life Support Yurin
(A home for senior citizens)

Purifies wastewater and recycles for toilets and water a garden. Good for saving a water rate.

Installation overview
A factory of Tsuneishi shipbuilding  company in China

A factory of Tsuneishi shipbuilding
company in China

Solves a problem of a water shortage in the island.
Support companies to go into foreibn markets.

Installation overview
Aquamake enables installation of public toilets at parks
Registered by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as a new technology information system (NETIS)