Wastewater Recycling System

System Outline

The BOD of the wastewater after treatment is less than 5ppm.
The recycled wastewater is colorless, odorless with zero colon bacilli.

oyster shell contact medium

Oyster shells are an ideal, high-capacity medium for sewage water treatment. According to research conducted by Hiroshima University in April of 1980, results showed a rate of extraction of over 90% for BOD and COD as well as of over 95% for SS. In addition, there are absolutely no colon bacilli present in the water after treatment making it very effective for sanitation works and for safeguarding the public health. Aquamake produces recycled water with a BOD of less than 5mg/L thanks to the action of the oyster shells.

Because the surface area of oyster shells is wide, there is a high settlement rate for microorganisms.
Oyster shells have a complex and intricate composition giving protozoa and other microorganisms ample space to thrive.
Oyster shells offer higher affinity for microorganisms compared with conventional plastic contact medium.
When the pH level decreases as the oxidation treatment progresses, the oyster shells naturally dissolve to adjust the pH level.

Filtration process for flush-toilet wastewater recycling

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